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The Wrap N Shine Story

Wrap N Shine Auto Spa was founded on December 1 st , 2017 in Shelton Connecticut by partners John Cox and Vincent Macri. With more than 15 years of industry experience combined, John and Vincent share a passion for extreme quality and customer service that always exceeds expectations.

Our professional services include full automotive detailing, ceramic coatings, window tint, paint protection film and vinyl wrap. John was rated in the top 10 automotive film installers in the world by XPEL at the 2017 Xpel Dealers Conference.

Vincent was named the International Detailing Association Detailer Of The Year in 2017 and has spent nearly a decade serving the Fairfield county area with his detailing expertise. Together John and Vincent have created a single stop destination for the absolute best in detailing, coatings and automotive films.

Every team member at Wrap N Shine follows a list of core values. These values help differentiate us from competitors and creates a culture that lets us deliver an excellent customer experience and a happy healthy working environment.

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International Detailing Association Certified
International Detailing
Association Certified
Ceramic Pro Certified
Xpel Paint Protection Film Certified
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Our Core Values

Never Stop Learning

In an industry that is constantly evolving we understand the importance of learning. Our mindset and our skills can always be improved and we will continue to educate ourselves in order to remain on the leading edge. Our knowledge will be passed on to our team and our customers because we believe that the more our customers understand our services, the better we are able to meet their needs.

Always Go The Extra Mile

It is our mission to always over deliver. In a day and age where many people look to do the bare minimum, it us up to us to stand out and be different. Whether dealing with a client or team member we will always exceed their expectations with our dedicated performance.

Put Other People First

Wrap N Shine Auto Spa is bigger than 1 person. The well being of the team and the customers should come before one’s own personal gain. Our choices and our actions will be made according to what is best for our customers and our company. We will keep in mind that not one person’s job is more important than the other. We all work together as one while respecting each other’s schedule and work area.

Time Is A Precious Resource

There are only a certain amount of minutes in the day. These minutes will be used diligently and efficiently to complete our tasks and reach our deadlines. We understand that a customer’s schedule is very important and time without their vehicle can be a major inconvenience. It is our responsibility to make the best of our time and accommodate the client’s schedule the best we can.

Take Initiative

There is always things to be done and work to do. We will not wait to be told to do something. If we see it needs to be done we will do it under our own initiative. Everybody working together to complete shop tasks will keep everything running as efficiently as possible. We will not tolerate a “That’s not my job” attitude.

Everything We Do Will Be Done The Best We Can Do It

How we do the little things is how we do everything. It doesn’t matter if it’s sweeping the floor or servicing a customer; Every task is to be done at the best of every team members ability. One person giving less than 100% effort will negate the 100% efforts given by everyone else. We will not sacrifice our team’s efforts by doing anything less than our best.

Take Ownership

We are directly responsible for our actions and our decisions. We do not make excuses or put blame on others. Nothing that we do is ever somebody else’s fault or problem. It is up to us to always make things right.

What Our Customers Say About Us
Ken Bertola
Verified Review
from Google
Wrap and Shine continues to beat my expectations over and over again. The level of customer service is impeccable and quality is second to none. I unfortunately ran over a pack of gum within 24 hours of getting my car detailed and Vinny met me at the shop at 7pm on a Saturday to assist in the removal to ensure my car continued to look as good as it did when it left there the day before. If your looking for your car to look better & stay cleaner than the day you bought, do yourself a favor and it bring it to John & Vinny. You will not leave disappointed.
S Sherwood
Verified Review
from Google
Great job. Partial wrap of my Tesla. Meticulous workmanship. John will work within your budget. He even gave me instruction on DIY car care and suggested products to wash and wax my vehicle. I plan to use him for all my car detailing. Friendly and knowledgeable. Tesla Model 3.
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