The Top Car Window Tinting Experts in Southern Connecticut

Unrivaled Heat Rejection
Our window tints deliver the highest protection against the sun's heat-causing radiations — making your interior cooler and improving fuel economy.
Protection Against Cancer Causing UV Rays
Our window films offer the ultimate SPF protection which protects you from cancerous UV rays that can cause the abnormal growth of skin cells.
Enhance the Look of Your Car
Our ceramic film delivers great color retention and a stunning black finish that instantly improves the look of any vehicle.
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Our Window Tinting Packages

Ceramic Tint
Lifetime Transferrable Warranty

When it comes to heat rejection, nothing beats our Ceramic Tint. Keep your car cool during summer with the best car window tint against heat. Ceramic Tint also delivers a stunning black look and repels 99% of UV Rays.

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  • Vehicles with 3, 5 or 7 Windows, (we recommend doing the windshield for best results) $450
  • Cars, SUV’s or Trucks with 9 or 11 Windows $550
  • Windshield $200
  • Sunroof $200
Standard Tint
Lifetime Transferable Warranty

Our Standard Tint looks great and offers great color stability. Just like Ceramic Tint it will repel 99% of UV Rays but will offer less heat rejection than our Ceramic Tint.

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  • Tint to match factory glass (2 windows) $120
  • Cars, Trucks or SUVs (3, 5, or 7 windows) $275
  • Large SUVs (9 or 11 windows) $350
  • Tint strip on windshield $75
  • Complete Windshield $150
  • Sunroof $150

Why Choose Wrap N Shine for Window Tinting Your Car?

The Wrap N Shine team offers a fast, professional window tinting service in Southern Connecticut. To produce perfect results, a great deal of care and workmanship is needed when having your car window tinted.
Our window tints are installed in a spotlessly clean and dust-free environment to ensure the highest possible standards are achieved, time after time. Zero blemishes guaranteed.

Make Your Car Look and Feel Cooler with Our Ceramic Window Tint.

Our ceramic car window tinting serves three purposes: Style, Privacy, Heat Rejection. Plain and simple, if heat rejection is your primary goal, head down to our shop and let us show you our ceramic window tint. It offers unrivalled infrared protection by blocking 99% of UV rays while maintaining great color clarity.

It is comprised of dozens of very thin layers. The film traps the heat on the glass and the glass quickly dissipates the heat. This technology was originally designed for government buildings and is now available in the car market.

We have all shades of this film available so you can style your car however you’d like, but what makes this tint unique is that you can tint your car with an extremely light shade that will produce more heat rejection than 99% of the darker films on the market.

Standard Window Tint

Our standard film is a great and cost-effective window tinting option. It offers less heat rejection than our ceramic film but none the less it will help reduce heat.

When it comes to harmful UV rays however, it will block 99% of them just like the ceramic tint. Our Standard Tint also packs a lifetime of color-stable, glare-blocking performance.

Maintain a deep dark look for a lifetime with a finish that won't fade, degrade or turn purple over the years. Manufactured using carbon technology, our Standard Window Tint is covered by a transferrable lifetime warranty.

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Computer-Cut Window Tint

Each tint is pre-cut using the latest computer cut software to guarantee a perfect fit with each car. This also prevents leaving razor blade marks as no razor blades are used to cut out your tint.

Trained, Certified & Passionate Installers

Our team of installers has been professionally trained and certified in window tinting but most importantly they love what they do and it shows in the final results of each installation.

What Our Customers Say About Us
Ken Bertola
Verified Review
from Google
Wrap and Shine continues to beat my expectations over and over again. The level of customer service is impeccable and quality is second to none. I unfortunately ran over a pack of gum within 24 hours of getting my car detailed and Vinny met me at the shop at 7pm on a Saturday to assist in the removal to ensure my car continued to look as good as it did when it left there the day before. If your looking for your car to look better & stay cleaner than the day you bought, do yourself a favor and it bring it to John & Vinny. You will not leave disappointed.
S Sherwood
Verified Review
from Google
Great job. Partial wrap of my Tesla. Meticulous workmanship. John will work within your budget. He even gave me instruction on DIY car care and suggested products to wash and wax my vehicle. I plan to use him for all my car detailing. Friendly and knowledgeable. Tesla Model 3.
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